Wednesday, April 20, 2005

(v)4:20 and Poorly Drawn Diagrams

At the current moment, i am sitting here staring at the mockup to v4... and I'll be the first to admit it.... it is kinda cool... There is going to be a news ticker, a really bad navigation system, and tons of erros i promise to fix in v5.... yeah....

But things are looking up, v4 might acctually come public... witch would be great... expect to to hit the net... when i'm done... no ETA yet.. shooting for the summer.

Poorly Drawn Diagrams
Some of you may remember the plans for a flash entitled "Poorly Drawn Guy". Well, if you dont, let me refresh your memory. PDG is a little thing i decided to draw one day in school. It's not quite a doodle, but it is in no way art. Anyways, as i was saying, i was going to turn it into a flash movie, however i never got around to it (go figure). But now i have decided to make it a web-comic instead. Not just any web-comic, but 'Quite Possibly The Worst Webcomic In Existance', as they say, if you cant be the best, be the worst... and i am going to be proud with that title... expect the first issue to be up with the site... whenever that is.


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